28-29 Giugno 2016
Inizio 09:00 am
Milano, IT
Hotel Palazzo Delle Stelline

Perché esserci

Vieni a respirare l’atmosfera del mondo Open Source

5432…MeetUs! L’occasione di condividere le proprie esperienze con PostgreSQL e non solo. Una full immersion di due giorni, con l’opportunità di incontrare alcuni dei maggiori esperti, di ascoltare le testimonianze dirette di aziende che lo hanno adottato e di interagire con chi ha fatto di PostgreSQL la propria mission.

I partecipanti al 5432…MeetUs! avranno a disposizione tre differenti track: una in lingua italiana, una in lingua inglese, l’ultima, la più innovativa, è rappresentata da sessioni di workshop di 2 ore ciascuno.

La conferenza 5432…MeetUs! inizierà tra:

Ricordati: 28 e 29 Giugno 2016 – Appuntalo nella tua agenda. Non puoi mancare!


Argomenti trattati

  • Casi di studio
  • ​Devops
  • Modello di business open source
  • Ricerca e insegnamento con PostgreSQL
  • Sistemi di monitoraggio
  • Virtualization tool
  • Configuration managers
  • Hardware e Benchmarking
  • Linux Containers
  • Cloud
  • Sistemi operativi
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS
  • Migrazioni da altri database
  • Linguaggi di programmazione
  • Continuous integration
  • Integrazioni con altri software

I nostri Ospiti, Testimonial e Speaker

Selezionati da una commissione tecnica, ti aspettano! Dai uno sguardo a chi sono.

I nostri Speaker

5432…MeetUs! è molto più di una conferenza!

5432…MeetUs! è più di una conferenza! È l’opportunità unica e divertente per incrementare i tuoi skill su PostgreSQL, relazionandoti con aziende che lo hanno adottato e membri della sua Community. Resta in contatto per avere maggiori informazioni.

One-to-One: 28 e 29 Giugno

Lightning Talk: 29 giugno – ore 16:30

Aperitivo: 28 giugno – ore 18:00

Cena sociale: 28 giugno – ore 20:30

Workshop: 28 e 29 giugno

Training: 30 giugno e 1° luglio

5432…MeetUs! Programma

Scorri il programma della Conferenza e scegli i talk che vuoi seguire

Nota: l’attuale programmazione è provvisoria ed è soggetta a modifiche ed aggiornamenti

Workshops: June 28 and 29

For further information and to book your place at one of these workshops, please email: info@5432meet.us During the 5432… MeetUs! Conference we have scheduled technical workshops. Each workshop will include no more than 15 participants and will be confirmed with a minimum of 3 participants. The workshops are a part of the conference program but reservations are […]
Dragos Dumitriu
Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer and Kanban Coach, Senior Consultant, High Performance Coach at Teredata

Starts 10:00 am – Workshop: Avoid Sinking in Work. Get Remarkable Results Instead! with Dragos Dumitriu (EN) – Borromeo Room

  2 hours and 30 minutes
If your team is not seeing improvements in delivery times, productivity, or morale, this session is for you. Knowledge workers worldwide achieve significant improvements in productivity while reducing delivery times within the first six months of implementing simple practices that provide complimentary augmentation to their existing workflow (including traditional waterfall or scrum). The workshop is […]
Giuseppe Broccolo
PostgreSQL DBA at 2ndQuadrant Italia

Starts 10:00 am – Workshop: GIS with PostgreSQL by Giuseppe Broccolo (IT) – Chagall Room

  2 hours and 30 minutes
PostgreSQL provides many useful features to GIS users. Our goal in this talk is to show simple examples of what can be done in PostgreSQL, starting with geolocation, searches like inclusion and “nearest neighbour”, routing, etc., through the geospatial extensions available for this DBMS. However, this is not intended to be a true “course”, but […]
Simon Riggs
Founder and Chief Technology Officer of 2ndQuadrant

Starts at 10:00 am – Postgres XL – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
Discover Postgres-XL, an open source solution for very large databases that is suitable for both OLTP and data warehousing scenarios, thanks to its shared-nothing architecture and its massive parallel processing capabilities. With the release of version 9.5, there will be performance enhancements in addition to all the rich features that are part of PostgreSQL 9.5. […]
Marco Nenciarini
Marco Nenciarini
PostgreSQL Consultant in 2ndQuadrant Italia

Starts at 10:00 am – Docker & PostgreSQL: a possible wedding? – Solari Room

  45 minutes
Docker is also convenient to develop. We’ll talk about how to use docker-composed to create a web application with PostgreSQL-based persistence, how do backups and how to monitor the database.   Here you will find the slides from the talk Docker & PostgreSQL: a possible wedding?
Rubens Souza
PostgreSQL DBA at 2ndQuadrant Italia

Starts 2:30 pm – Workshop: Raspberry Pi with PostgreSQL by Rubens Souza (IT or EN) – Chagall Room

  2 hours and 30 minutes
The Raspberry Pi is an entertaining, easy, and inexpensive way to experiment with a great diversity of projects or, even, to introduce yourself to the exciting world of Computer Science. In this workshop we will see how to install and configure the Raspberry Pi, covering general Linux concepts and, of course, how to install and […]
Petr Jelinek
PostgreSQL Developer at 2ndQuadrant

Starts at 11:15 am – Pglogical: The New Way of Replicating Data in PostgreSQL – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
Pglogical is a logical replication system for PostgreSQL, fully implemented as an extension. The system is fully integrated and does not trigger or use external programs of PostgreSQL itself. In this talk we will see how this alternative method to physical replication is efficient compared to other replication methods. Here you will find the slides from […]
Giulio Calacoci
Developer at 2ndQuadrant Italia

Starts at 11:15 am – Step up and face the disaster! – Solari Room

  45 minutes
Sysadmins and DBAs are the heroes who fight daily to defend your data. Human errors, natural disasters, and hardware failures are hidden enemies always ready to strike; usually at the worst moment. During a crisis, robust and reliable tools are the best weapons available to our heroes. Barman, the Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL, […]
Gianni Ciolli
PostgreSQL Consultant in 2ndQuadrant

Starts at 12:00 pm – High Availability with repmgr 3.1 – Solari Room

  45 minutes
This talk will discuss the latest version of repmgr 3.1, an open source tool to manage replication and failover between multiple PostgreSQL servers, developed by 2ndQuadrant. After a quick review of repmgr’s main features, we will cover the new “switchover” command and the interaction with pg_rewind, and then discuss some roadmap items. We will conclude with […]
Julien Rouhaud
DBA at Dalibo

Starts at 12:00 pm – Optimizing your Database with POWA3 – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
In detail, he will present the various tools making the PoWA stack, and how they truly shine when used together. This will include: - Presentation of pg_qualstats, pg_stat_kcache, HypoPG Presentation of powa-archivist, the stats aggregator - Use cases where PoWA can provide exactly the kind of information that is hard to reach for the DBA - Future developments

Starts at 12:45 pm – Recruiting Session – Leonardo Room

  15 minutes
Are you a professional looking for work? Is your company is looking for experts on PostgreSQL? 5432 … MeetUs! It is the opportunity to hire and be hired. Password: Skill of PostgreSQL! The special recruitment session allows you to obtain and offer employment  in the diverse world of PostgreSQL. Recruiting session The recruiting session will be […]
Matteo Pasquini and Alessandro Gentili
Matteo Pasquini and Alessandro Gentili

Starts at 2:30 pm – PostGIS come backend: l’esperienza di Navionics – Leonardo Room

  45 minuti
In this talk we will see how PostgreSQL + PostGIS are coupled and used by Navionics as the sole engine of geo-processing for their marine applications, in order to keep a constantly updated cartography of millions of users around the world … in just 2 seconds! Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of PostgreSQL, the […]
Emre Hasegeli
System Administrator at InnoGames

Starts at 3:15 pm – INDEXES in PostgreSQL – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
Emre Hasegeli will discuss the following topics: Index types, hash, btree, GiST, SP-GiST, GIN, BRIN How they got used in the queries CREATE INDEX, DROP INDEX, REINDEX statements Unique keys and exclusion constraints Multi-column indexes Indexing function outputs Indexing complicated datatypes like arrays, ranges, IP addresses, geometric types, hstore, ltree, JSONB Pg_trgm Here you will […]
Alessandro Franceschi
Founder and CTO at example42

Starts at 4:30 pm – Puppet: From 0 to 100 in 30 minutes – Solari Room

  45 minutes
Puppet is powerful but relatively complex. After having mastered the basics of the language, one of the greatest difficulties is knowing how to put together the various components and how to organise the public modules, their code and their data. In this presentation we will see how you can set your own Puppet infrastructure from […]

Starts at 4:30 pm – Data in Different Computers – Leonardo Room

  30 minutes
This talk will give an insight “distributed data” out of the experience of more than 20 years of application development and operation.  Ways to compare data and the state of replication solution in the PostgreSQL world. Application and design level decisions which make distributed data possible.

Workshops: June 28 and 29

For further information and to book your place at one of these workshops, please email: info@5432meet.us During the 5432… MeetUs! Conference we have scheduled technical workshops. Each workshop will include no more than 15 participants and will be confirmed with a minimum of 3 participants. The workshops are a part of the conference program but reservations are […]
Sébastien Chabrolles and Andrea Vercellini
Sébastien Chabrolles and Andrea Vercellini

Starts at 10:00 am: Contribution of IBM to Open Source and the OpenPOWER Foundation – Solari Room

  45 minuti
IBM is one the largest single contributors to Open Source Community Projects overall. During this session, the contribution of IBM to Open Source will be highlighted and The OpenPOWER Foundation will be introduced. The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open-collaboration business model developed by IBM, where Partners share technologies and innovations with each other. The OpenPOWER […]
Gabriele Bartolini
CEO of 2ndQuadrant Italia and a Principal Consultant for PostgreSQL

Starts at 11:15 am – Migrating to PostgreSQL – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
If you’re considering PostgreSQL to manage your company’s critical data, and thus far you’ve entrusted exceptional tools such as Oracle and SQL Server (just to name two), you’ll most definitely have many questions and concerns. Don’t be scared! It’s normal. You’ll probably linger on technological aspects or on how a certain functionality of your familiar […]
Laura Pisano
Head of Systems at Extra srl

Starts at 12:00 pm – OpenStack & PostgreSQL – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
The cloud brings with it a wave of transformation, innovation and competitiveness. We’ll talk about OpenStack: an IaaS open source project that enables you to manage public and private cloud systems. We will evaluate the differences between the Community Project and Red Hat OpenStack Platform and we will see how to create and configure a […]
Giuseppe Broccolo and Julien Rouhaud
Giuseppe Broccolo and Julien Rouhaud
2ndQuadrant and Dalibo

Starts at 11:15 am – BRIN Index for PostGis – Solari Room

  45 minutes
With geographical dataset always growing larger, it is now common to have to handle terabytes of data. With such volumes of data, performances of PostGIS GiST indexes tend to drop as their size grow larger than available RAM. For smaller dataset, they perform well but are big and can take a long time to build. In this presentation, we […]
Tomas Vondra
POstgreSQL Developer at 2ndQuadrant

Starts at 12:00 pm – Performance Improvements in PostgreSQL 9.5 & 9.6 – Solari Room

  45 minutes
Every major version includes a wide range of improvements in various areas. Let’s see the main performance-related improvements in 9.5, either improving existing features (sorting, hash joins, bitmap index scans) or entirely new features (BRIN indexes, parallel scans). We’ll also look at the main improvements to be expected in 9.6 (parallel aggregate, joins, improvements to […]
Marco Nenciarini
Marco Nenciarini
PostgreSQL DBA at 2ndQuadrant Italia

Starts 10:00 am – Workshop: From Zero to Docker by MARCO NENCIARINI (IT) – Chagall Room

  2 hours and 30 minutes
Docker is a new technology for the management of application containers. It is so easy to use that it’s becoming difficult to work without it! In this workshop we will use Docker to create a study environment with a PostgreSQL cluster. We will take this opportunity to illustrate the fundamental concepts and to explore Docker Hub, where there […]
Gulcin Yildirim
PostgreSQL DBA at 2ndQuadrant

Starts at 2:15 pm – Ansible Loves PostgreSQL – Solari Room

  45 minutes
Gulcin Yildirim will discuss the following topics:  General info about configuration management Benefits of using configuration management tools Ansible overview Advantages of Ansible comparing to other configuration management tools Basics of Ansible such as roles, tasks, handlers, modules, playbooks etc Advanced functionalites of Ansible and more scenarios Info about Ansible PostgreSQL modules and their usage […]
Gianni Ciolli
PostgreSQL Consultant in 2ndQuadrant

Starts at 2:15 pm – Advanced SQL with PostgreSQL – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
In this talk we will review some advanced SQL language constructs provided by PostgreSQL, with particular focus on features such as INSERT … ON CONFLICT, Grouping Sets, Transaction Isolation and Window Functions. We will consider both language clarity and performance gains. In fact, these two topics are not entirely separate. As a declarative language, SQL […]
Gianni Ciolli
PostgreSQL Consultant

Starts 10:00 am – Workshop: Repmgr with Gianni Ciolli (IT or EN)

  2 ore e 30 circa
In this workshop we will discuss the main features of repmgr, the open source software for managing PostgreSQL replication PostgreSQL developed by 2ndQuadrant. After a short overview, we will show how to create a High Availability cluster, and we will then focus on repmgr integration with other software in the PostgreSQL ecosystem, for instance Barman […]
Harald Armin Massa
Principal PostgreSQL Consultant at 2ndQuadrant

Starts at 4:30 pm – Lightning Talks – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes
You will find a board at the Conference where you could write the Title and your Name to book your Lightning Talk. Do not hesitate! Lightning Talks are moderated by Harald Armin Massa: The Lightning Talk Man!  The Lightning Talk Man orchestrates the proceedings. He ensures that timing is kept, links the talks with his own […]

Training: June 30 and July 1

For additional information and to book your place for one of these trainings, please e-mail with the topic of the training you wish to attend: info@5432meet.us Participants in the 5432…MeetUs! conference will have the opportunity to take advantage of additional training in the days following the conference (June 30 and July 1). Each training will be confirmed with […]

Training: Kanban System Design – June 30 and July 1 (2 days)

  2 days
Do you find customer demands overwhelming and the process chaotic? Are your customers saying your team takes too long to deliver or that they have no idea what your team is busy doing? Do you have a growing backlog with requests months to years old? Are people with critical skills not available when you need […]

Training: Disaster Recovery with Barman – June 30 (2 days)

This course covers aspects relating to the Disaster Recovery for PostgreSQL-based systems. After an introduction in which you describe the concepts related to disaster recovery in general terms, you will browse the technologies that compose the specific implementations of PostgreSQL (logical backup, physical backup, Point In Time Recovery). Powered by Eventbrite

Training: PostGIS Basic – June 30 (2 days)

This course aims to acquire skills in the use of the PostgreSQL PostGIS extension and is dedicated to all those who work in the field of GIS. After a brief introduction on spatial data, you will learn how to import a PostgreSQL database and the tools that are provided by PostGIS to manage it. We […]

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Hotel Palazzo Stelline
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Hotel Palazzo Stelline

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L’alta professionalità del personale garantisce un servizio eccellente e un competente supporto ad ogni attività di meeting, conferenze e riunioni di lavoro.
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Hotel Genius Downtown

Ognuna delle nostre camere è comoda, dal design fresco e moderno, con aria condizionata, TV Led satellitare da 32``, doppi cuscini anallergici, materasso ortopedico, luce di lettura e linea cortesia illimitata Geneve Guild.
B&B Hotel MILANO Sant'Ambrogio
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B&B Hotel MILANO Sant'Ambrogio

In pieno centro città e al riparo dal caos cittadino, il B&B Hotel Milano Sant’Ambrogio ti permette vivere la metropoli in prossimità di alcune delle zone monumentali più importanti della città.
Antica Locanda Leonardo
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Antica Locanda Leonardo

L'Antica Locanda Leonardo è ospitata in un nobile palazzo ottocentesco situato nel prestigioso Corso Magenta, cuore del centro storico di Milano. L'albergo è gestito dalla famiglia Frefel che da più di quarant'anni nutre una profonda passione per la cultura dell'ospitalità.

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