Learn Something New or Refine Your Skills
through the 5432…MeetUs! Workshop Track!

Are there platforms, programs and languages you have wanted to experiment with and learn more about?  Well, the 5432…MeetUs! conference will give you the opportunity! The innovative Workshop track at the conference will give you the chance to be hands-on with different programs, platforms and languages such as Docker, Repmgr and more!  Each session is two and a half hours in which participants wlogo-workshopill be able to receive hands-on experience with the topics presented.

Leonardo Cecchi will teach you to use Docker to create a study environment with a PostgreSQL cluster and you will explore Docker Hub, where there are many images readily available.  

Join Gianni Ciolli and create a High Availability cluster followed by a focus on repmgr integration with other software in the PostgreSQL ecosystem such as Barman and PgBouncer.  

Are you a GIS user? Giuseppe Broccolo will explain the possible answers that PostgreSQL can provide for GIS users starting with geolocation, searches like inclusion and “nearest neighbour”.  

Looking for a way to experiment with a diverse range of projects or even introduce yourself to the interesting world of computer science?  Look no further than the Raspberry Pi!  The Raspberry Pi is an entertaining, easy, and inexpensive hardware that allows you to experiment with a wide range of platforms and tools.  Rubens Souza will help you configure a Raspberry Pi and cover other general Linux concepts surrounding its use and of course, how to install and use PostrgreSQL on it!

Last, but certainly not least, is the Kanban workshop with Dragos Dumitriu. Dragos Dumitriu is an accredited Kanban Trainer and Coach by Lean Kanban University. In 2006, within one year of working with a team, he helped them reduce their delivery time from 150 days to 21 days while increasing productivity five times. Dragos will teach you the fundamentals of Kanban and how it can work within your team.

The workshops are a part of the conference but it is required that you register in advance.  There will be no more than 15 participants per workshop but there is a minimum of 3 people required for scheduling. Once you have registered please send an e-mail to to indicate the workshop you would like to attend.

If you have questions regarding the workshops offered please e-mail