See Who Is Joining Us
for the Second Edition of 5432…MeetUs!

For the second edition of 5432…MeetUs! we have opened our doors to all members of the PostgreSQL community! There will be talks, workshops, and trainings led by individuals who have successfully applied PostgreSQL and Open Source practices and tools within their companies.

Valentine Gogichashvili, Head of Data Engineering at Zalando, joins us as a keynote speaker to talk about Data Integration in the World of Microservices. Since adopting Radical Agility in 2015, Zalando has seen rapid growth and still plans to add 1000 more developers through the end of 2016! The audience will come away with new ideas for how to use Postgres streaming replication in a microservices environment.

Subito.it is Italy’s #1 site for buying and selling and sits among the Top 10 most visited brand sites in Italy. Pietro Partescano, Subito.it DBA, will discuss how Subito.it integrates and uses PostgreSQL extensions to make updates and periodically deploy to the database, which is necessary to evolve their platform in his talk From Sunset to Sunrise.

IBM is one the largest single contributors to Open Source Community Projects overall. Manager of Client Technical Professionals at IBM, Andrea Vercellini, will discuss the contribution of IBM to Open Source and The OpenPOWER Foundation will be introduced. The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open-collaboration business model developed by IBM, where partners share technologies and innovations with each other.

In addition to sponsoring the event, fellow PostgreSQL company Dalibo will be represented by Julien Rouhaud and Guillaume Lelarge. Julien and Guillaume and some 2ndQuadrant team members will discuss topics like PostgreSQL, Open Source, PostGIS, and PoWA3.

Using PostgreSQL and PostGIS in a unique way, Navionics has changed the way to go to sea, bringing the first electronic chart device in the world with marine data on the market in 1984. Navionics PostgreSQL DBAs Matteo Pasquini and Alessandro Gentili will discuss how PostgreSQL and PostGIS are coupled and used as the sole engine of geo-processing at Navionics for marine applications.

Simon Riggs, 2ndQuadrant Founder and CTO, is a major contributor of the PostgreSQL project and will be speaking about PostgreSQL in enterprises past, present, and future. Also from 2ndQuadrant, we have Gulcin Yildirim giving an Ansible overview as well as discussing the advantages of Ansible comparing to other configuration management tools and Gianni Ciolli speaking on advanced SQL with PostgreSQL and High Availability with repmgr 3.1. Other speakers from 2ndQuadrant include Harald Armin Massa, Giuseppe BroccoloTomas Vondra, Petr Jelinek, Leonardo Cecchi, Giulio Calacoci, Rubens Souza, and Gabriele Bartolini.

In the true spirit of an Open Source world, 5432…MeetUs! gives participants the opportunity to work together and learn and share innovative ideas surrounding PostgreSQL and more! Check out the rest of the schedule!

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