Sébastien Chabrolles and Andrea Vercellini
Sébastien Chabrolles and Andrea Vercellini

June 29, 2016

English Track - Day 2

Starts at 10:00 am: Contribution of IBM to Open Source and the OpenPOWER Foundation – Solari Room

  45 minuti

IBM is one the largest single contributors to Open Source Community Projects overall. During this session, the contribution of IBM to Open Source will be highlighted and The OpenPOWER Foundation will be introduced. The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open-collaboration business model developed by IBM, where Partners share technologies and innovations with each other.

The OpenPOWER Foundation has made a set of recent announcements that advance its commitment to open technologies in the Data Center. A number of OpenPOWER members, including Google, Rackspace, and SuperMicro unveiled new servers, solutions and innovations built around OpenPOWER technology and the Open Compute reference architecture.

Moreover, to highlight the open innovation of Power Systems, it will be shown how Power Systems can “make the Elephant dance”.

This talk will be given by Sébastien Chabrolles and Andrea Vercellini