Andrea Vercellini

Manager of Client Technical Professionals at IBM

Andrea Vercellini is a very “blue” professional: he has been working in IBM for the last 15 years. Today Andrea is Managing Director of all technical professionals of IBM Systems, that is the Infrastructure Solutions Business Unit. In the past Andrea covered different roles in IBM Systems and Technology Group as: pre-sales IT Specialist, Systems Architect, with the opportunity to grow in his skills in designing IT infrastructure for complex Client projects and to grow as a technical leader.

Throughout his career Andrea has been promoting IBM technologies to help Clients to achieve their objectives. In this regard, Linux and Free Libre Open Source Software are more and more getting the attention of IT Market, becoming strategic solutions for Clients. Andrea really likes this trend as over time he became fond of open source solutions.

Andrea Vercellini’s Contact Information:

twitter: @avercela
linkedin: Andrea Vercellini

Andrea will speak about the contribution of IBM to Open Source and will introduce the OpenPOWER Foundation: an open-collaboration business model developed by IBM, where Partners share technologies and innovations with each other.

The slides and a recording of the talk will be available on the website after the conference.