Leonardo Cecchi

PostgreSQL DBA at 2ndQuadrant Italia

In short, you could say Leonardo and computer science grew up together. Programming has always been his obsession. A passion that began at the age of six standing next to his father, also a programmer, who taught him the basics of programming in C. In first grade he could write on a keyboard but not on paper!

He has always been curious and still likes to learn new technologies and new programming environments such as: Python, Java, Go, C, Haskell. Today, he is part of the team 2ndQuadrant Italy because it gives him a chance to work on PostgreSQL, facing innovative DBMS topics with a “classic” language.


Leonardo Cecchi’s Contact Information:

Leonardo will be speaking about Docker and PostgreSQL: a possible wedding? in Italian.

The slides and a recording of the talk will be available on the website after the conference.