Matteo Pasquini and Alessandro Gentili
Matteo Pasquini and Alessandro Gentili

June 28, 2016

Italian Track – Day 1

Starts at 2:30 pm – PostGIS come backend: l’esperienza di Navionics – Leonardo Room

  45 minuti

In this talk we will see how PostgreSQL + PostGIS are coupled and used by Navionics as the sole engine of geo-processing for their marine applications, in order to keep a constantly updated cartography of millions of users around the world … in just 2 seconds!

Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of PostgreSQL, the articulated marine world is able to use geometric objects to replace the complicated relations-functional schemes. A new tool for a very old world, with one goal: to improve the user experience.

By Matteo Pasquini and Alessandro Gentili

Here you will find the slides from the talk PostGIS come backend: l’esperienza di Navionics.