Gabriele Bartolini
CEO of 2ndQuadrant Italia and a Principal Consultant for PostgreSQL

June 29, 2016

Italian Track – Day 2

Starts at 11:15 am – Migrating to PostgreSQL – Leonardo Room

  45 minutes

If you’re considering PostgreSQL to manage your company’s critical data, and thus far you’ve entrusted exceptional tools such as Oracle and SQL Server (just to name two), you’ll most definitely have many questions and concerns.

Don’t be scared! It’s normal. You’ll probably linger on technological aspects or on how a certain functionality of your familiar database is implemented in PostgreSQL. For example: Is there a RAC equivalent in PostgreSQL? How can I convert this particular stored procedure in PostgreSQL?

Of course, the technological aspect is important, but it is only secondary.

Migrating to PostgreSQL means choosing open source software, its culture, its business models, and its interactions with a global community of developers and users. Discover how the PostgreSQL universe can free our minds from preconceptions and judgments; allowing us to see alternative routes, emerging opportunities and make decisions that allow us to be innovative, agile and adaptable.

Easy, right? Mehhh… not really. As you’ll see, migrating to PostgreSQL can be difficult, but at the same time, fascinating!