Valentine Gogichashvili


As Head of Data Engineering at Zalando, his main goal is to create a data integration platform that will enable data science and business intelligence teams to access and process data easily and efficiently.

Since joining Zalando in 2010, one of his primary activities has been to help their growing team of engineers to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL and for many years he was leading the Zalando database team.

He has been working with databases and data for more than 18 years, and began his career as an Oracle Developer and DBA.

He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and a passionate supporter of open-source projects at Zalando.

Valentine Gogichashvili’s Contact Information:

twitter: @valgog
linkedin: Valentine Gogichashvili

Valentine will discuss new ideas for how to use Postgres streaming replication: Data Integration in the World of Microservices (in English).

The slides and a recording of the talk will be available on the website after the conference.