Sponsor the “5432…MeetUs!” Conference

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Supporting 5432…MeetUs! is a valuable investment for your business, aligning your company with the open source philosophy.

There will be training sessions and networking opportunities in an engaging and stimulating environment. Promote your brand, your products and your services in a space full of ICT enthusiasts in search of new ideas and technologies; a place to meet and network where everyone will have the chance to explore the technological trends of tomorrow.

This event will showcase the exceptional talent and ideas of industry leaders, from both Italy and Europe. It will be an engaging conference combining several elements: technical talks, workshops, showcases, trade shows, social events and more. Sponsors will receive great visibility and increase their network.

At 5432…MeetUs! there won’t just be the PostgreSQL community but also technical advisors who support this technology. There will be a strong presence of company managers with an interest in PostgreSQL, seeking to learn about the competitive advantages that the platform, combined with new emerging technologies, can offer for the development of projects.

Sponsoring the second edition of 5432…MeetUs! means placing your company in the continuously growing open source world, providing innovative and strategic tools for your company business.

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