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fondo-bianco 25432…MeetUs! The opportunity to share your own experiences with PostgreSQL and more. A two-day full immersion event with the opportunity to meet some of the leading experts, to hear first-hand accounts of companies who have adopted it and to interact with those who have made PostgreSQL their own personal mission.

The event promotes the Open Source philosophy. Industry experts will help participants to understand the opportunity from a practical point of view, exploring the competitive advantages that Open Source reserves to the company business.

The highlight of this edition is the presence of new technologies with which PostgreSQL is perfectly integrated, proving that although it is a DBMS written in a standard language, it is capable of addressing innovative challenges, obtaining excellent results.

5432…MeetUs! Two days to spend with sponsors, speakers and participants in order to explore and share ideas, promote their brands and their skills in a collaborative, funny and exciting atmosphere, in the typical open source style. 

Conference structure

The event is divided into three levels.

First level: talks and speakers

5432…MeetUs! participants will have access to three different tracks: one in Italian, one in English, the last one, the most innovative, is represented by workshop sessions. (two hours each)

Second level: social events, networking opportunities

Optional, but highly recommended, social events!

The opportunity to forge important relationships in a simple and relaxed environment, in full Open Source harmony.

Third level: training

In the few days following the 5432…MeetUs! conference, a large
training catalog will be available.

Participants will be able to increase their know-how thanks to the support of their tutors.

Talks and Speakers

Each day a Keynote will start the works.

Following this, there will be a talk program previously approved by a technical committee.

Unlike traditional conferences, all the participants and speakers will have the opportunity to mingle, share ideas and learn from each other. The relaxed atmosphere will encourage an open and frank discussion.

Another important session will be dedicated to Lightning Talks. 5 minutes will be available to anyone willing to share an idea, a project or an experience. Conference attendees from the first day will be invited to participate.


In full harmony with the Open Source philosophy, spaces will be reserved for interaction and sharing among the participants and speakers.

The 5432…MeetUs! participants can discuss the topics raised during the conference and share and explore new ideas during relaxing moments such as coffee breaks and lunches.

The “One-to-One” provides an important opportunity: 45 minutes of exchange with industry specialists who provide their consultancy free of charge, in a friendly environment, aimed to dispel uncertainty on the technical aspects relating to your reality.

The memorable Tuesday night social dinner!

The friendly and relaxed environment and the relaxed atmosphere will help participants to increasingly share their experiences in a fun and informal manner.


5432…MeetUs! participants will have the opportunity to take advantage of a broad training proposal in the days following the conference (June 30th and July 1st).

The importance of increasing know-how, both personal and corporate, is also highlighted on this occasion.

Speakers-tutors sitting “shoulder to shoulder” with participants will share knowledge and expertise.

“Special” registration fees will be reserved for the occasion to interested parties.

An unforgettable and unique opportunity!