Pietro Partescano

pietroPietro has worked in big companies (Pirelli Italia , Real Estate S.p.A., Repower Italia S.p.A.) where he was involved in projects in different areas such as: logistic, real estate and energy (gas and electric).

Before working for Subito.it, he worked for four years at Fullsix S.p.A. (web and communication areas).

He has been a part of the Subito.it team as a Data Architect for two years.


Pietro Partescano’s Contact Information:

twitter: @_goldfix_
github: https://github.com/goldfix
linkedin: Pietro Partescano

Pietro will speak about how Subito.it integrates and uses PostgreSQL extensions: From Sunset to Sunrise (In Italian).

The slides and a recording of the talk will be available on the website after the conference.