Gabriele Bartolini and Dragos Dumitriu
Gabriele Bartolini and Dragos Dumitriu

June 28, 2016

English Track - Day 1
Italian Track – Day 1

Starts at 5:00 pm – Keynote: Lean and Kanban in Human Enteprises – Leonardo Room

  1 hour

Though the concept of “Theory Y” human enterprises originated in the late 50s, the traditional “command-and-control” mindset is still prevalent in companies today, unfortunately.

A human enterprise is just that: an enterprise modelled around adaptable human beings, their self-organising skills and an individual’s continuous quest for personal satisfaction in accordance with organisational goals and purposes.

Lean and Kanban can only be successful in this type of environment. Without the right mindset, the lean and agile methodologies are only blueprints and recipes for failure.

In this presentation, Gabriele and Dragos will go through concepts, methods and “next practices” of Kanban, using the real life case of 2ndQuadrant Italy.

Here you will find the slides from the talk Lean and Kanban in Human Enteprises.