Gulcin Yildirim
PostgreSQL DBA at 2ndQuadrant

June 29, 2016

English Track - Day 2

Starts at 2:15 pm – Ansible Loves PostgreSQL – Solari Room

  45 minutes

Gulcin Yildirim will discuss the following topics

  • General info about configuration management
  • Benefits of using configuration management tools
  • Ansible overview
  • Advantages of Ansible comparing to other configuration management tools
  • Basics of Ansible such as roles, tasks, handlers, modules, playbooks etc
  • Advanced functionalites of Ansible and more scenarios
  • Info about Ansible PostgreSQL modules and their usage with examples
  • A playbook example using PostgreSQL modules and managing PostgreSQL instances on AWS.

Here you will find the slides from the talk Ansible Loves PostgreSQL.