Matteo Pasquini


PostgreSQL DBA, PostGIS Ops GIS technician in Navionics S.p.A

Matteo has always had a strong curiosity for everything that is related to the world of computers and software development, despite school studies did not concern the matter I have cultivated this passion which makes a job.

After various jobs, including operations management and testing of the first collection applications, evaluation and calculation of data for the financial insurance of credit risk, he obtained a masters degree in GIS at the GeoTechnologies Centre in San Giovanni Valdarno (University of Siena) in 2012. This allowed him to receive an interesting internship at Officine Galileo as a tester for the GPS-inertial positioning systems applied to remote sensing at high precision.

In 2012 he was employed by Navionics S.p.A. as a “Sourcing Agent”, where he learned about Postgres and where he immediately developed the first process with PostGIS for automating the accurate cutting of dangerous navigation areas of the lake.

Afterwards, he worked on the R & D team where he worked mainly on prototypes and refining database administration and discovering new peculiarities of Postgres and Open Source world in general every day.

His interest has grown so much that Postgres and PostGIS have 100% replaced any other commercial tools alongside libraries/ tools like gdal/ogr and the like.

He expanded his knowledge by adding the production of Python applications (OOP and non), he is now passionate about C/C ++ and has began to return the favour to the Open Source community and, in particular, PostGIS.

Matteo Pasquini’s Contact Information:

Linkedin: Matteo Pasquini

Matteo Pasquini and Alessandro Gentili will be speaking about: PostGIS backend: The Navionics Experience

The slides and a recording of the talk will be available on the website after the conference.